The History of BabaFish

A young man named Jo Ackermans once visited a place in the north of India called Rishikesh. At first he really hated the place, in his eyes it was full of western people searching for illumination...

Well, after a while the place and the yoga practice grew on him, and one day while crossing a bridge he had his fortune read by a very stoned Yogi.

The yogi said amongst other things that Jo would create a company called BabaFish…


In 2009 BabaFish was created by the video artists Jo Ackermans and the circus artists Anke Bucher, Michela Henle and Anna Nilsson. They created BabaFish to produce the performance I, Mistress & Wife which received the title “Laureate of Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2010” and had it’s premiere in Strasbourg in the same year. I, Mistress & Wife was a collective creation.

Jo Ackermans has since left BabaFish to focus on his video and documentary art, creating the company Locomotif.


BabaFish subsequently created three “Carteblanche”, Hymen National (2013), 

Carte Blanche pour Voix des Femmes (2013) and Bazilik (2015). For the creation of Bazilik, Jo Ackermans once more joined BabaFish.


BabaFish is also a platform for the development of the individual works of its members: 

In 2012 Anna Nilsson initiated a production called Expiry Date. This show saw the daylight in July 2014 during the festival Zomer Van Antwerpen.  

Expiry Date is currently touring.

In 2014 Anke Bucher initiated the project Crève Corps.

In 2014 Anna Nilsson initiated the project Driften which will premiere in July 2016.

photo: Sophie Glossin